My Life

Welcome to my vision of life as I see it through my eyes and camera lenses.  My photographic journey started around age 6 (I am now 66), when I was fascinated watching my father and grandfather document our lives with their folding Kodak Brownie cameras as we grew up. Initially taught photography by my father, including black and white negative and print processing, over the years I continued to learn more through books, magazines and finally the internet.

I was always known (and still am by some lifelong friends) as the boy who always had a camera around his neck at family gatherings, church picnics, scout meetings and camps, school outings, etc. In high school during the 1960’s I was an active member of the school camera club, documenting my life at high school.

After leaving school and starting a career as an electronics technician with Qantas, Australia’s main international airline at the time, I developed an interest in aviation photography, photographing many types of aircraft as they visited Sydney. This career gave me many opportunities to travel, so I developed a travel bug that I still satisfy to this day.

In the late 1970’s I started work in a studio part time doing weddings on weekends, the studio owner selected me as one of a group of 6 out of a total of 40 who applied to become trained in wedding photography by him and his business partner. I followed this path for four years until I switched careers from aviation to the 80’s dot com boom in the computer field.

Eventually I found my way to a career in the photographic industry as a Customer Service Executive with a major Japanese photographic manufacturer until I went into semi retirement in 2013.

These days, I still learn from books, magazines and the internet, although as part of my continuing professional development I attend workshops to enhance and improve my unique style.  Each image I capture tells a story of the places I visit.

I enjoy nothing more than burying myself utterly in the environment capturing the changing moods of nature, the vivid colours, endless vistas and unique wildlife.  My online galleries depict the artistry of nature that I see on a daily basis.

Although nature is my first love, I enjoy capturing the scenery and the people wherever I am in the world.  Having travelled extensively throughout Asia, USA, Europe and Australia I have amassed a vast collection of images of life around the world, meeting some amazing people in the process.